SPS Course Policy

Typically, students at Columbia College and the School of General Studies are not permitted to enroll in courses offered through the School of Professional Studies. However, select courses relevant to sustainable development have been granted an exception by the Undergraduate Committee on Instruction to satisfy requirements for the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development. The list of courses included in this exception is below along with the requirements the courses fulfill in parentheses. Please note the exception only extends to students declared in the sustainable development major and special concentration in addition to those pursuing the accelerated 5-year BA/MS.

SUMA PS4100   Sustainability Management (Skills/Actions)

SUMA PS4130    Sustainable Cities (Elective)

SUMA PS4190   Economics of Sustainability Management (Elective)

SUMA PS4310    Practicum in Innovative Sustainability Leadership (Practicum)

SUMA PS4330   Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Urban Resilience (Elective)

SUMA PS4490    Women in Cities (Elective)

SUMA PS4700   Ethics and Values for Sustainable Development (Elective)

SUMA PS4734    Earth Institute Practicum (Practicum)

SUMA PS4030    Hungry City Workshop (Elective)

SUMA PS4147    Water Resources and Climate (Elective)

SUMA PS4145    Science of Sustainable Water (Elective)

SUMA PS4235    The Science of Urban Ecology (Elective)