Course Substitution

If you would like to have a course count for credit that was taken outside of the listed program requirements, the course must first go through a review and approval process. This includes electives not listed on the pre-approved list, transfer credits, study abroad, and Columbia courses not explicitly listed on the requirements list. To request approval, you must submit a course substitution form, linked below, to Sylvia Montijo at [email protected].


  • Requests for course substitutions will not be accepted beyond the first semester of your senior year. You may need to return for an additional semester to complete the program requirements.
  • Substitutions for the foundational courses (SDEV UN1900 Introduction to Sustainable Development, EESC 2330 Science for Sustainable Development and SDEV UN2300 Challenges of Sustainable Development) are not allowed.

Reviews are completed on a monthly basis and your decision will be e-mailed to you. A maximum of 4 course substitutions are permitted for majors and 2 course substitutions for special concentrators. The limit excludes the approval of elective courses.

Course Substitution Form