Practicum Substitution

Students in both the sustainable development major and special concentration are required to complete a Practicum. If a student wishes to substitute the Practicum requirement with a related internship or independent study, he/she will need to submit this form for pre-approval by the program directors. If your internship/independent study is pre-approved, you will need to enroll in the SDEV UN3998 Independent Study course during the same semester you undertake the approved internship/project OR the semester immediately following the completion of the internship/study. If you complete 42.5 contact hours, you are eligible to register for 1 credit. If you complete 85 contact hours or more, you are eligible to register for 2 credits. At the end of the semester you are enrolled in SDEV 3998, you will be asked to submit a Practicum Substitution Application to Sylvia Montijo at [email protected].  If you have successfully completed the application and received a passing grade, your internship/project will fulfill the practicum requirement. Please note only unpaid internships/independent studies are eligible for practicum credit.